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If you are in immigration court, you need a strategy for immigration relief! There are many possible strategies, and there are many laws that work in your favor. Please see our page 8 common ways to defend against deportation.

If you are deportable, and if you are facing a hearing in immigration court – now is the time to discuss your life with your attorney in great detail so that together you can strategize the best relief available for you!

Winning cases in immigration court is NOT all about the lawyer, instead it is about you working as a TEAM with your attorneys to put forward the best case possible. This is exactly how our immigration approach removal cases at Landerholm Immigration!

Our team of immigration attorneys believe that the best way to strategize a deportation case, is by taking the following steps:

  • First, we must examine and understand the position of the government, the allegations and the problem that got us into removal proceedings to begin with. This requires carefully examining the charging document (the Notice to Appear), and carefully examining your immigration history.
  • Second, we must examine you the client! We need to get to know you, your family, your values, your history, your beliefs, your past etc.
  • Third, we must use the immigration laws and processes available to determine which will best fit your exact situation and which will give you the best arguments to stay in the United States.

If you are facing deportation, let’s get together and discuss your life, your options and the best strategy to keep you in the United States with your family and loved ones!

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