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We fight for your freedom! We believe in your right to be free from detention!

If you or your loved one is detained, this is the most stressful and frustrating situation imaginable. We get it. We strongly believe in your right to be with your family and loved ones throughout this process.

Our immigration attorneys can fight for your freedom in one of four ways:

  1. We can ask ICE to parole you into the country without the need of paying a bond
  2. We can ask ICE to grant a bond to secure your release in their discretion;
  3. We can ask ICE to secure your release under the Intensive Supervision of Aliens Program (the ISAP program), or
  4. We can file a motion to the immigration judge to give you a bond hearing and ask to issue a bond to secure your release.

Often, ICE is not willing to cooperate with any of the first three options above. If this is the case, we have no option but to request a bond hearing in immigration court.

If this is your situation, please do not do this alone! Let us help you, and our immigration lawyers will fight to get you out of detention for a reasonable bond. Schedule your free evaluation by calling us today!


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